Reproductive Services

Small Animal Reproductive Services

We provide a number of canine reproduction services at Catskill Veterinary Services.  These services are provided by Dr. Joe D’Abbraccio.

Some of the services we offer: 

Transcervical Insemination (TCI)
We use a high definition camera to enter the external female genitalia and reproductive tract.  We are able to visualize the cervix and then with a specialized catheter place the semen past the cervix into the uterus.  This is generally done without the need for any sedation or anesthesia.  TCI is recommended for younger or middle-aged females with no prior fertility issues. Timing, by way of Progesterone testing, is very important for the TCI process. TCI is very convenient in the way that fresh, chilled, or frozen semen can be used.  

This procedure can be performed using fresh, chilled, or frozen semen.  

Reproductive Services at Catskill Veterinary Services

Surgical Semen Implantation
Semen deposition directly into the uterus under short duration general anesthesia, used primarily with frozen semen, allows for use of smaller breeding doses needed and allows assessment of uterus for cysts pathology.

Enhanced Vaginal Insemination
Artificial insemination through the use of a specialized catheter that simulates a natural tie, release of endorphins and prevents back low of the semen.

Pre-Breeding Consultation & Evaluation 
We are available to assist breeders in their decision making and screen for possible reproductive disorders or other factors that can affect fertility.

Ovulation Timing – Progesterone & LH Testing 
This is used to precisely pin-point ovulation and predicts optimal breeding dates, thus maximizing fertility, litter size and improving success rates. This also can assist in predicting due date and allows for easier planning.

Natural Whelping Assistance & Neonatal Care
We are here to answer and assist with any questions and concerns with regards to natural delivery and puppy care.

Heat Cycle Manipulation
Depending on the need, we are able to speed up the cycle, bring the bitch into season, or prevent female from cycling all together.

Pregnancy Diagnosis and Management
We diagnose pregnancy via the use of ultrasound or Relaxin blood tests. We also offer gestational staging ultrasounds to assist with estimation of due dates.

High-Risk Pregnancy Management 
We manage high-risk pregnancy through detailed blood, ultrasonography and medical management monitoring to ensure delivery of pups to full term.

Cesarean Section (Elective & Emergency)
We are comfortable and proficient at performing c-sections and our staff is extremely well trained to provide the best possible care for your bitch and puppies.

Pyometra, Metritis & Mastitis Management 
We offer medical and surgical treatment of uterine infections, including post delivery. We are able to save reproduction potential of many females.

Medical management of toxic milk syndrome and any associated infections of the mammary gland.

Infertility Problem Solving
We offer a variety of tests and specialized techniques to diagnose and solve infertility problems.

Mismating Treatment 
While ensuring future fertility, we are able to eliminate unplanned pregnancy without any health risks to the female and preserve her future reproductive potential


Below is a birds eye view during one of our c-sections at our Rock Hill, NY office.

Canine C Section

Puppies following C-Section

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