Preventing Disease Spread During Show Season

Spring time means the start of show season. Truly and exciting time. It is very important to follow some basic biosecurity rules to decrease the spread of disease.

Some recommendations to follow

  • Be sure your horse is current on his/her vaccinations. It is strongly encouraged that
    all vaccinations be given 3-4 week prior to your first show event. Vaccines take time to work and each animal responds differently.
  • Visit our website or for our recommendations
  • Check the stalls at the show venue. It is important that the stalls at the venue are clean and in good order. Diseases are most commonly spread by oral/nasal secretions.
  • Be sure to appropriately clean and disinfect all equipment used.
  • Monitor your horse and take their temperature daily.
  • Be sure to have a thermometer handy.
  • If your horse develops a fever they should be immediately isolated. When doing daily chores it is very important to tend to the horse/s with a fever last for the day.
  • Do not allow nose to nose contact. As stated previously many diseases are spread via nasal and oral secretions.

If you are at all concerned about your horse’s health during this show season be sure to speak with us. You are always welcome to email or call with any question or corner.