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The first veterinary ambulance to our practice

We are very excited to announce 📣 a new service! We promised that some exciting things are were coming and we want to deliver. We would like to introduce the first veterinary ambulance to our practice. With having two practices in the region and our expanding urgent...

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Dental services for your pet

Does your dog or cat need their teeth cleaned? Did you know we offer a number of dental services including a cleaning package that costs $295? Our package includes a thorough dental examination including a head CT scan, IV fluids, scale and polish of the teeth,...

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Second office location opening in Middletown.

We are opening a second office in Middletown, NY. Our second office is located at 390 Crystal Run Road in Middletown. This second location will allow us to serve our clients that live in that area. We will share more details of the hospital and our growing team in the...

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Aggression Between Familiar Dogs

Christine Calder, DVM, DACVB Date Published: 12/21/2020   Aggression between familiar dogs in the same household is a common occurrence and is one of the most common reasons that dogs are surrendered, rehomed, or euthanized. This aggression can be secondary to...

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Adopting a Shelter Dog

Miranda Spindel, DVM, MS Date Published: 06/12/2018   Deciding to add a new animal to your family is an exciting time! It can be very rewarding to choose to adopt a dog or puppy from an animal shelter or rescue program. Not only will you be adding a wonderful...

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Alcohol Poisoning

Becky Lundgren, DVM Date Published: 07/04/2005 Date Reviewed/Revised: 02/18/2020   Dogs and cats can get more than just drunk when they drink ethanol, isopropanol, or methanol -- they can get a trip to the emergency room. Pets can die from ingesting alcohol. What...

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