Life Wellness Program

What is it?

Lifetime Wellness Program is a program offered by Catskill Veterinary Services. After enrolling, your pet will get our ALL vaccines for free.  This program lasts as long as you have your pet and as long as your pet gets an annual Wellness Care Visit at Catskill Veterinary Services.


Vaccinations are just one part of maintaining the health of your pet. We want to help our clients afford the other parts that are important too. Regular wellness care visits, Lyme disease screening test, procedures, and routine laboratory tests are key to early disease detection.

What vaccinations are included and cost?

All vaccinations are now included.  


Canine Distemper Combination
Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
Canine Influenza vaccination
Lyme Vaccination
DA2PPV Vaccinations


 Feline Distemper Vaccination
 Leukemia vaccination 

*the above vaccinations are given based on our patient’s risk and examination findings

Life Wellness Program Whats the catch

 Whats the catch?

    To stay enrolled in Lifetime Wellness Program, your pet must be seen for an annual Wellness Care Visit in a timely manner. If your pet is more than one calendar month late for the Wellness Care Visit, you are no longer enrolled. Sick visits do not count as a Wellness Exam. If more than 13 months have passed since the last Wellness Care Visit, vaccines will be charged at full price OR the pet may be enrolled again, and the enrollment fee paid again. The enrollment fee is subject to change and we cannot guarantee that we will offer the program in the future.

    Other fine points

     The enrollment fee is non-refundable and not transferable. If your pet passes away or is lost, it cannot be transferred to a new pet. Likewise, if you rehome your pet, it is not transferable to the new owner.

     Wellness visits at any other veterinary clinic do not fulfill the requirement to stay enrolled in Lifetime Wellness Program

    My pet is healthy.  Can I skip the examination and just receive the vaccinations?

    No. To be eligible for FREE vaccines, your pet must be an active member of the program and must receive a doctor’s exam at the time the vaccines are given. This is the best medicine (and safest practice) for your pet. There is a fee for the examination.

    When can I sign my pet up?

    You can sign them up at any time. Our team will be sure to enroll your pet(s) once the membership is applied. The 13-month deadline will not start until an annual physical examination is started..

    Will I receive reminders when the vaccinations are due and the annual exam?

    Yes, you will receive reminders. However, it is important to also keep track of when the vaccinations and examinations are due.  You can always request a reminder summary for each patient.

    Can we use any other offers or promotions with the program?

    Unfortunately, this program can not be combined with any other offers or practice promotions.

    Are there any other benefits to enrolling in Lifetime Wellness Program?

    Yes! We offer other discounts including 10% off your pet’s spay or neuter surgery and 10% off of dental cleaning! The 10% discount can also apply to all diagnostic testing including blood tests, fecal samples, urine samples, radiographs, and ultrasounds (only ones performed by our staff veterinarians)

    We hope you can take advantage of the substantial savings available through Lifetime Wellness Program. It’s our way to better help you help your pet.


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