Interesting Horse Story

An interesting horse story.

We were called out to examine a 22 yr old Quarter Horse that has severe weakness her hind limbs. It was so bad that she appeared to be drunk. During the examination we had been discussing with the owner the horse’s history and concern for her current condition.

During that the owner informed me how he will do whatever needs to be done for Olive. She has been a great companion and saved his life. He told me that a year ago he was sitting out on the lawn and Olive came over to him and put her head on his chest. She was insistent. This went on for a couple of days. Whenever he would go outside she would put her head on his chest. 

The next week he went to the doctor for a physical exam and they took a chest x-ray. He was diagnosed lung cancer and subsequently is entire lung removed. He truly believes that Olive saved his life.

Dogs have been trained to detect some forms of cancer. Perhaps horses can as well….. Loving and caring for an animal can truly safe your life in more way than one.


2015-11-30 14.07.13
A picture of Olive (not the best). Olive’s owner feels that she saved his life by exhibiting abnormal behavior that prompted him to be checked by a doctor. That examination confirmed that Olive’s owner had lung cancer. Luckily, he is doing very well following having his lung removed and following through with chemo treatment.