Fear in Horses

Does your horse suffer from fear or anxiety?  Are they not a fan of seeing their veterinarian, ferrier or otherwise?

A couple weeks ago a client had called me to tell me that her horse had a negative experience with another horse as they were out on a trail ride.  After the event her horse did everything possible to avoid traveling near the site of the incident.  I recommended Confidence EQ, pheromone that replicates the soothing signals a mare sends to her nursing foal.

Below is a testimonial from the client:

“Just wanted to let you know that I did get the Confidence EQ I got for Intrepido really does help him. After our trauma of being attacked by that Arab stud, he was so afraid to go riding anywhere except our property. I’ve now been able to take him down the side of the road in the direction toward where the attack took place.
I’d highly recommend the EQ gel to anyone else in need of it to help calm their horse in stressful situations. “
-Brenda Madsen
We have the product available for patients that are stressed during our visit.  If you think this would benefit your horse please call or email me at jdabbracciodvm@gmail.com.  We can send this to you prior to our visit.   Or enough for you to have on hand when needed.
Dr. Joe
Equine pheromone to help with  anxiety and stress.
Equine pheromone to help with anxiety and stress.